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The picture in every average domestic space is usually similar after working hours – the housewife is trying to declutter the mess, kids are doing even more stains all over the surfaces, while the husbands are looking at that dirty furniture with a secret anger why everything is such a chaos! This situation is not new to you, either, is it? So what are you still waiting for and why are you still keeping rushing every time after work to handle the harsh and exhausting London domestic cleaning? Forget about spending your entire free time in brushing, vacuuming and tidying up, but rely on the first professional London domestic cleaning company that will understand your needs, will perform the London house cleaning procedure in time and will let you relax and enjoy your leisure! Our reputable company London's Domestic Cleaners now offers great and 100% safe domestic cleaning services for the entire London region. Moreover – our enthusiastic London house cleaners are flexible, so you can arrange the London domestic cleaning services in a most convenient for you way! Pick up the duration time for each London domestic cleaning procedure and consider how often you need our professional assistance – at monthly, fortnightly, weekly or daily basis. Also, make up your mind if you need our decent and well-trained London domestic cleaners to bring the entire cleaning equipment. It will cost you a very small fee and you will skip the boring shopping for supplies. Note that we work with certified cleaning products that achieve best results without harming your living space. Also, in case of a need, we bring first-class London house cleaning machinery for faster and better results with an ease.

Discover why to use our expert domestic cleaning services in London!

There are many benefits you will receive, if you rely on the experienced London's Domestic Cleaners company. However, the biggest one is that you get brilliant cleanliness results without even moving from you coach. You can from now on use your leisure for more interesting activities, while our diligent and motivated London domestic cleaners recover your house from dirt and mess. Even if you succeed to find some time for London domestic cleaning, keep in mind that the perfect results depend on constancy and proper approach. Even a single week without performing the ordinary London house cleaning procedure or even one mistake in the manner of your sanitizing job can put all of your efforts in a failure. Moreover – with the assistance by our trustworthy London domestic cleaning company, you do not save only time, but money, too. Just try to calculate how much you need to spend for disinfection products, London house cleaning tools and devices. You can skip all of this, because our enthusiastic London's domestic cleaners will bring everything necessary and our services are always affordable and low-cost!

Our Regular Domestic Cleaning Prices

2 hours weekly or fortnightly - £11 per hour per cleaner

3 hours weekly or fortnightly - £10 per hour per cleaner

5+ hours weekly or fortnightly - £9.50 per hour per cleaner

One-off Cleaning Prices

Price: from £12 per hour per cleaner.

A minimum of 3 hours per one-off cleaning visit (3 hours x £12 = £36). This price applies for bookings made for 48 hours prior to the cleaning session. Customers are responsible for providing all cleaning materials and equipment.

If we are to provide the cleaning materials only, the minimum of 3 hours per one-off cleaning visit still applies but the price is £15 per hour, e.g. 3 hours x £15 = £45.

Alternatively, cleaning detergents and equipment can be provided for an extra £25 on top. If we are to provide those there is a minimum time requirement of 6 hours per booking, e.g. 6 hours x £12 = £72 + £25( for detergents & equipment) = £97.

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To get in touch with us, simply, use the following phone numbers. Get a free quote now or call our polite customer support representatives to receive some more information about our expert London domestic cleaning services. For a direct reservation, you can also use the online booking form. It is easy to have a stylish and neat home now! Just give us a call and our well-trained and skilful domestic cleaners in London will come to your house to restore it from grime, bacteria and bad odor! Nothing can be so easy as the perfect cleanliness with our trustworthy London house cleaning company! Try it!