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To make your home look beautiful and be always welcoming and healthy, you need to pay attention at every single detail during your regular or occasional purges. An important detail, for instance, is the carpet. To keep it warm, fluffy and hygienic, it is essential for you to perform decent and deep London carpet cleaning on a regular basis and with the right techniques. And no matter how hard some housekeepers claim that they can handle the exhausting London carpet cleaning procedure, it almost never happens to several reasons. Every single carpet, for example, required different carpet cleaning London approach. And stubborn stains or too much dust can be eliminated only with professional and specially tailored carpet cleaning London detergents and techniques. Due to all of these, our reputable London carpet cleaning company - London's Cleaners - has succeeded to arrange the perfect London carpet cleaning services that will suit every individual case and even the highest client’s requirements. We are happy and proud to announce you that our expert and diligent carpet cleaning services in London are now available at competitive prices! You can easily recover your domestic rugs from spots, dust and bacteria without even sweating. All you need to do is to trust our experienced and well-trained London carpet cleaners. They will offer you the most sophisticated carpet cleaning London procedure and full customer support accompanied with understanding towards your personal requirements and instructions. In order to fulfill every customer’s inquiries and demands, our enthusiastic London carpet cleaners provide you two types of London carpet cleaning approaches. Each is devoted to different types of rugs. Apply for our specially tailored dry London carpet cleaning services, if you have delicate or natural rugs. This approach uses no water or liquids, which keep the tenderest material away from shrinking or damaging. And in case your carpet is manufactured or synthetic, try our deep steam London carpet cleaning procedure that uses hot-water extraction method and green cleaning product that eliminates the dirt at once!

Stop wasting your time and efforts, but hire a professional carpet cleaning company in London!

Choosing the professional carpet treatment to folk tricks and ordinary remedied made by materials at hand is a smart decision and eventually you will understand that. Even though some of these methods work, your carpet will not last for longer. On the other side, our top rated London carpet cleaning services will provide you domestic carpets long life with amazing bright colours and fresh sense. Moreover – why bothering with pointless efforts in washing materials you don’t even know how to treat? Better, use the assistance of London's domestic cleaners, who have the proper skills and experience to remove any organic stain or to refresh even the oldest surface. Last, but not least, our trustworthy London carpet cleaning company offers you exclusive price list and eventually relying on experts will be even cheaper for you than doing the harsh London carpet cleaning on your own!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Single Bedroom £20   Two Seated Sofa £25
Double Bedroom


  Three Seated sofa £35
Lounge £35   Armchair £20
Bathroom / Toilet £10   Dining chair £7
Stairs per flight £25   Single Mattress Sanitizing £25
Landing £7   Double Mattress Sanitizing £35
Hallway £15      
Small Rug £15  
Leather Cleaning
Big Rug £20      
      Two seated sofa £45
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
    Three seated sofa £60
Price per sq. meter £2   Armchair £40
      Stool £20
Curtains Cleaning
    Office Chair £15
Short Curtains £25   Dining Chair £12
Long Curtains £40   Two-seated (Suede / Nubuck leather) sofa £65
      Three-seated (Suede / Nubuck leather) sofa £80

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